• Bluetooth Smart

    Any Bluetooth Smart device to control and monitor.
  • Hub/Gateway

    Connects via iPhone, iPad, Android phones & tablets or dedicated gateway.
  • Dashboards

    Monitor, Control, Collect & View data remotely.

What is BlueApp.io?

BlueApp.io is one app that connects to any Bluetooth Smart device. It applies a unique approach when it comes to connecting your system into a central dashboard and making things work for you seamlessly. A key aspect of our implementation of Internet of Things is that it is incredibly simple to install as we have done our best to eliminate any infrastructure complications that could make it hard for you to achieve your objectives. Since our inception in the world of internet, we have developed various applications designed for specific industries such as schools, restaurants, lodging facilities and asset management among others. Besides successfully integrating Bluetooth into existing devices and products, our team of experts has also developed user friendly and highly reliable mobile applications as well.

With our state of the art infrastructure, you will be able to gather, monitor and maintain data using our real time, easy to use dashboard which guarantees you the desired results right away. We pride ourselves in utilizing a tested and certified approach and platform that is designed with your best interests at heart. We will always do everything possible to ensure that we change how your business works and help you take full advantage of smart devices in leveraging your business and enhancing your competitive advantage.

With our many years of experience and unmatched expertise in the world of technology, we will show you how you can harness the real power of the internet and enjoy the many benefits that come with it. We will connect your devices for you to be able to control and monitor all the aspects of your business. Also, BlueApp.io will help you monitor and control your devices with iPhone, iPad, tablets and Android Phones and connect your system to the dashboard where you can monitor, control, collect and view data remotely. Regardless of which industry you are in, talk to us today and let’s grow together. We are here for you and we will develop customized solutions that suit your needs and requirements.

News & Events
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