An IoT Startup that is Bringing IoT to the Forefront

Until recently the Internet of Things mainly existed with medium to large companies leading IoT solutions, recently we are seeing smaller companies and startups forging the path for the connected device through complex hardware and software solutions. These companies realize the benefits of connected devices for any industries to acquire data in real time, and also device communication to create a comprehensive network for data analysis.

Some companies offer software to cloud infrastructure, network, and APIs to businesses, helping them connect their devices and allow for interoperability and communications as well as focuses on monitoring and management solutions with real-time analytics. In some cases dashboards and trending history are the main focus, others focus on mobile applications to gather data locally and to configure controllers. An IoT Startup that is Bringing IoT to the Forefront

We are also seeing that smaller hardware companies are taking away the need for expensive technology and making IoT accessible to manufacturers in many industrial applications. Vensi’s is the best example, which has created a unique but cost effective solution, Bluterm Adapters to communicate BACnet, Modbus, 4 to 20 mA and 0 to 30 VDC to industrial devices for remote and bidirectional communication. These solutions are enabling IoT for industrial manufacturers and the enterprise alike. is a great example of smaller companies implementing both software and hardware to make it easier for manufacturers and enterprises to adopt and integrate IoT solutions into their business strategies.

A great use case are Boiler manufactures with Modbus, manufacturers are now able to connect their manufactured boiler systems for their clients to remotely receive alerts/notifications, tending history, graphing of data and more, all which can be seen on a mobile application or a web dashboard. Boiler systems are very important and when reaching certain thresholds can be volatile, the manufacturers and client are wanting solutions like this to remotely monitor their boiler systems.

Another great solution is Blenie, this solution is a Bluetooth module that essentially gives products intelligence, for connectivity to BlueApp’s Bluetooth and Wifi gateway, these modules can not only be easily integrated into the different device but are very cost effective solutions to start an IoT platform.

With these solutions, you can get connected to which is a Web Bluetooth dashboard, Android and iOS mobile apps that can read any Bluetooth device at anytime, anywhere in the world.

Vensi’s BlueApp Solutions is a great way to get the remote connectivity and control from any industrial system or device, it’s not only simple to integrate but gives users all of the features they want and need. While others are still trying to figure out the Industrial Internet of Things, BlueApp is on the cutting edge of the Internet of Things technology.

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