Big Data’s Role in Internet of Things

IoT connects almost all devices and industrial equipment to the internet. Smartphones, tablets, appliances, industrial equipment, with tiny chips using Bluetooth smart technology, connects people and devices to the Internet like never before. The internet connection and software used to communicate the data between devices in order to monitor and control devices remotely will increase efficiency and lead to new applications and increased benefits.

Big Data & Internet of Things

Small and cheap sensors can be embedded in all kinds of devices. That IoT device is now allowing organizations to collect the required information they need to perform smarter. IoT platforms provide many opportunities to the manufacturing industries. They help to communicate device data to the cloud and make it available for every user, even smart devices. Also, IoT platforms can make decisions and act on it.

The connected device market has been increasing rapidly and it will be the world’s most massive device market in the coming years. Almost all technology companies are jumping on the IoT train which leads to an increase of data that companies need to store, manage and make critical decisions that change their business practices. The Internet of things gathers the data in many directions from different industries. For example, in the manufacturing process, machine maintenance, tracking, shipping, and so on can be done. However handling the data in the right way will be the main challenge for companies.

Big Data solutions have come to the scene at the  perfect time to prepare, measure and analyze real-time data that is coming from the Internet of Things. Big Data analytics are needed to handle large and dynamic data, that helps organizations  easily access and analyze the data. Cloud based Big Data analytics are the best and most sensible solution for a  business to improve future opportunities with the data that has been collected

Many companies are offering smart devices that are controlled by mobile application and are Internet enabled. For example, smart lights, smart fitness and tracking devices, smart thermostats, smart appliances, smart watches, and many innovative smart things, but all of these devices are managed by their own applications. The IoT and Big Data analytics integration provides a single application platform that all devices can be managed with a single dashboard application on a mobile device or computer. IoT application focus is to share information between all devices via a connected network.

The cloud based platform is the best way to collect the huge volume of data that is generated by connected devices and smart things anywhere at any time. When the cloud receives unstructured data directly from connected devices, big data analytics will perform fast analytics to allow organizations to make quick decisions and interact with other connected devices. Connected device have close interactions with consumers which helps companies make better decisions in their sales efforts targeting what consumers want.

Big Data solutions require advanced skills and specific understanding of what exactly the data is and how to analyze it. Big Data solutions also require measuring the quality and quantity of data, and making sure it is safe and secure. IoT and big data analytics can benefit companies as well as consumers through intelligent products or smart sensors by adding advanced features and services.

Big Data and IoT are not the same. But the two compliment each other and together provide the best features for a complete solution for data analytics


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