BlueApp’s IoT Platform Communicates Smart Device Dotti from the Web

New types of device technology along with global networking makes it easy to extract information from any physical item, from anywhere. Sensors and software are controlling more physical devices, that was previously done manually, but now with automation, things are done more efficiently and conveniently. Connected devices are changing how we interact with physical devices. Connected devices collect the data from sensors and by connecting to the smartphone, data can be communicated to the user. The physical world is now connected to the digital world and smart devices are connected to mobile devices and are becoming more common in the technology world.

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Today we will be talking about the smart device Dotti by Witti Design. It is a cube with an LED screen that is capable of displaying short notifications from your smartphone via Bluetooth technology. It’s very clear that Witti approached Dotti with pixel art in mind. The Dotti screen consists of 64 LEDs (little eight-by-eight blocks) that act as pixels. LED blocks connect with Bluetooth technology, each LED is capable of displaying an array of colors and different patterns.

When Dotti is paired with its iOS or Android app, Dotti serves as a pixel art canvas, a clock, an icon-based notification display for calls, emails, text, calendar, popular social networks and a music visualizer. Simply swipe along the top side of Dotti to toggle between these different modes, with Dotti’s app, you can create your own custom pixel art for the device, choose what notifications to have Dotti display and not display, and a host of other things.

How BlueApp’s IoT Platform Communicates Dotti from the Web:

Blueapp’s IoT platform communicates smart device Dotti remotely from anywhere from Blueapp’s dashboard. It allows you to add many applications and also allows you build your own application for your smart device. You can place your smart devices in different places and connect them to a gateway or smartphone (BlueApp’s unique approach uses your smartphones as a gateway) through Bluetooth.

You can select any application from Blueapp’s dashboard, which you want to communicate remotely. If your smart device is already connected to any gateway or mobile device, select the desired gateway to connect. After connecting your device, you can see Dotti’s application interface to choose the color. Click on this link for demo how Dotti Bluetooth LED display works and it is very fun to use, as you select any color or pattern, which automatically displays on Dotti device in real-time.

BlueApp is web Bluetooth standard, so that you can connect from a web browser, and you can simply build your own application on’s platform. Also, will help you monitor and control your devices with smartphones and connect your system to the dashboard to view device data remotely. We develop customized solutions that suit your business needs and requirements.

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