BlueApp’s Remote Monitoring Solutions for Modbus Industrial IoT Applications remote monitoring solution for Modbus, this end to end IoT solution is an easy match for any industry that has the need for remote or local monitoring and bi-directional communication and control of Modbus registers. This solution also has the ability to view historical data on a dashboard mobile app or tablet. Vensi’s solution BlueApp is working with many industrial Original Equipment Manufacturers in HVAC, Water Quality, and Gauge/Sensor manufacture’s in any process control automation in an industrial setting.

BlueApp’s Remote Monitoring Solutions for Modbus IIoT Applications

The HVAC industry is quickly adopting IoT solutions into their current products, they are seeing the advantages of having an Internet of Things solution added to their heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. The remote communication, alerts and notifications, with bi-directional control is not only adding another source of revenue for the OEM’s, but also saving time and money in their daily operations. The biggest value is in the control of these systems and the ability to analyse the data acquired.

Early IoT adopters are taking advantage of existing Bluetooth sensor technology by adding Bluetooth Smart sensors to any HVAC devices or systems. By doing this they now they get a low-cost Internet of Things solution, with the more functionalities and features with higher performance.

One scenario the boiler manufacture’s that we are working with both residential and commercial environments, they are using both software and hardware designed by Vensi to log data, get alerts and notifications, and many other features. Vensi’s Bluetooth and Wi-Fi gateway is an essential part of the remote monitoring solution, it’s the device that sends and converts all of the Modbus registers to the cloud.

Vensi’s BlueApp solution is a great way to get the remote connectivity and control from any industrial device, it’s not only simple to integrate but gives users all of the features they want and need. While others are still trying to figure out the Internet of Things and which standards will prevail, BlueApp is on the cutting edge of the Internet of Things technology.

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