Bluetooth 4.2 is the Prevailing Local Communication Protocol for IoT

Bluetooth is a communication protocol that was intended to provide cable-free connections between computers and other devices to communicate with mobile phones, printers, and other devices, in the early design the computer would become the main bridge of communication between these devices.

Today smartphones and tablets have become that core bridge between Bluetooth communication and the Internet of Things. In the past years, we at Vensi predicted that Bluetooth would be the prevailing short range IoT communication protocols and have invested many years in our end to end IoT solution. In the last year, we are seeing more and more manufacturers incorporating Bluetooth into their solutions, which substantiates our prediction and belief. Without a doubt, Bluetooth is now being seen as “The” protocol that will remain the choice for local communication for IoT devices and solutions.

Bluetooth 4.2 is the Prevailing Local Communication Protocol for IoT

Many major companies like Invensense, Nordic Semiconductors, Zebra Technologies and Qualcomm etc., have invested heavily in Bluetooth technology as they see the clear path and where it’s leading to wireless communication and the Internet of Things. Bluetooth SIG, wanting to be that protocol of choice investing early in releasing Bluetooth 4.2, with increased range, BLE Beacons, speed, privacy but also mesh networking and Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6), which gives users the ability to collect and control information remotely with Cloud web servers.

With Bluetooth, smartphones can be used as the gateway to communicate information to the Cloud, this is an inexpensive solution for the Internet of Things without using multiple communication protocols to get information to the cloud. This is a short-range solution for gathering information in a local situation. The long range solution would be incorporating a Bluetooth and Wifi gateway for remote communication and control, this is something we at Vensi decided a few years back as being a better solution for longer range data collection, logging, and control.

When sending data back to a Cloud,  there are many options to choose from these web servers are well designed and have many custom configurations to analyze the data; these web servers can be very costly and are a bit confusing without a lesson and time getting acclimated to the system. is another alternative with very affordable pricing that is scalable for small to large businesses. is a Web Bluetooth site that is a unique IoT application useful to analyze, retrieve and collect data from different systems and all Bluetooth integrated devices.

Vensi is partnered with many industrial manufacturers to incorporate Bluetooth technology into their products to create an IoT solution, with our gateways, mobile apps, and Web Bluetooth site, we are able to work with any industry to create a complete IoT solution. Whether you need local or remote communication or a dashboard for analyzing data, we are driving innovative solutions for our partners.

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