Bluetooth 5.0 and How it will Increase IoT Functionality

The Internet of Things has great adoption in almost every industry, a lot of this is due to Bluetooth’s communication protocol, Bluetooth with IoT makes it a no brainer for adopters of IoT solutions Bluetooth enables easy interaction with other devices and provides a great user experience. While there are other communication protocols used for the Internet of Things solutions, Bluetooth is the prevailing IoT protocol because there are 10 billion devices already out in the world today, it has been used for years and is only getting better.

Bluetooth 5.0 and How it will Increase IoT Functionality

In June of 2016, Bluetooth SIG announced Bluetooth 5.0, with the announcement came improvement that was to increase wireless communications for all devices. IoT solutions will benefit greatly by providing faster speeds, greater range, and upgraded security, while maintaining its low energy consumption and by providing flexibility developers.

Faster speeds – This is a major benefit for Bluetooth this will create a seamless experience for users giving a reliable IoT connection for applications like Smart Homes, Smart Building, and outdoor use cases, also will add allow for increased message sizes.

Increased Range – This range is expected to be increased 4x’s from it’s current specifications, this will make Bluetooth an even stronger market leader in IoT communications.

Security – Increased security has been a concern for Bluetooth users, knowing that Bluetooth is following strict government regulations and exceeding those regulations will put everyone’s mind at ease.

Low Energy – IoT devices need to broadcast information periodically and by having Low Energy as a part of Bluetooth 5.0 is a great advantage for devices that are geared towards gathering data and sending that data to the cloud via a gateway or mobile device.

Coexistence with other Technologies – Bluetooth 5.0 helps to reduce interference from other wireless devices, this will enhance communication of data for these devices, allowing other communication protocols to operate alongside Bluetooth devices. is a Bluetooth IoT Solution/Platform which is available in the market for its clients, partners & users and can be used with iPhone, Android and Web platforms.

Our Bluetooth adapters (Bluterm), our Bluetooth module (Blenie), and our IoT Gateways are great tools to turn your devices, systems, and gauges into smart devices.

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