BluTerm Adapters: The Fastest Path to Connecting Existing Equipment into Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is likely to grow exponentially in the coming years, some have estimated that trillions of dollars will be spent, and billions of devices will be connected to the internet.

Some industries are slow to adopt IoT solutions because of the legacy equipment that is still used, Vensi has created smart Bluetooth adapters to connect to serial devices based on the necessary protocols for this legacy equipment, for these industries that have not made the commitment to wireless solutions and IoT. There are now Bluetooth wireless adapters to enable IoT solutions for many different serial protocols.

BluTerm Adapters: The Fastest Path to Connecting Existing Equipment into IoT

BluTerm is a Bluetooth adapter that can be easily connected to different equipment and different serial protocols, the data can then be pushed to the cloud via our gateway to any desired dashboard like to make an end to end IoT solution for industrial use. can then present the data to be viewed and analyzed in many different formats and graphs, in real-time. BluTerm takes away the production cycle of new equipment to add wireless capabilities, and communication with your serial protocols.

Serial protocols and BluTerm’s connectivity.

  • Modbus RS232/RS485
  • BACnet
  • 0-20mA
  • 0-10V

These Bluetooth adapters allow your machines, devices, and equipment to become not only Smart but truly intelligent by reporting and communicating with each other to improve efficiency.

BluTerm is used in many different industrial applications and can be customized to whatever specific protocols you’re in need of, incorporating  Vensi’s Gateways solutions can create a complete, secure path to the cloud for your transmitted data.

Use Cases:

  • Remote bi-directional communication of Modbus registers from boiler systems to a dashboard for monitoring and control.
  • Measurement of liquids in different environments using 0-20 mA, to remotely monitor.
  • Electrical motors are equipped with BluTerm modules to measure the vibration of motors for predictive maintenance and monitoring.
  • Gauge monitoring, pressure, vacuum, gas detection, and many other handheld gauges are equipped with wireless capabilities for remote monitoring and data collection.
  • Industrial measurement equipment like the Roller Encoder is equipped with Bluetooth to measure length and rotation.

Vensi has created many different wireless solutions for industrial scenarios and is working with OEM partners to integrate Bluetooth Low Energy.

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