Connected IoT Medical Devices become Smarter with the Integration of Bluetooth

We are now living in a Connected World where, the number of devices that is currently connects to the internet is believed to be around 6.4 billion, by the end of the decade that number is to reach 50 billion analyst say. As the days, pass we are moving closer to the realization of the Internet of Things, and a Connected World. What we will see in the near future is a world that will have all sensors, electronic devices, and controls connected to the internet, for remote monitoring, tracking and control of these sensors and devices.

Connected Medical Devices become Smarter with the Integration of the IoT Solutions

In the last two years we are seeing many connected IoT medical devices product manufacturers adding Bluetooth capabilities to their products, and the number keeps growing. The reason behind incorporating Bluetooth into medical devices is it’s easy to implement, and a better way to communicate.

Why Bluetooth is the right choice for the medical environment:

  • It’s an existing standard so manufacturers don’t need to create new technology to accommodate the medical industry’s need for wireless communication.
  • Being it’s an existing standard the bugs have been worked and is a reliable source of communicating data.
  • Bluetooth is in every Smartphone/tablet, television, so you can use your personal devices to retrieve the medical device data.
  • Bluetooth can communicate and analyze data from multiple devices and sensors simultaneously.

Wi-Fi is a facility that allows Smartphone/tablets and computers to connect to the internet and communicate with one another wirelessly with in particular areas. Wi-Fi is a very mature network like Bluetooth, there is a great deal of connectivity in healthcare organization done over Wi-Fi.

Vensi has created a Bluetooth/Wi-Fi gateway that can be deployed in a Medical/healthcare environment to gather all Bluetooth device data and push that information to the Cloud and a dashboard to historically store data. With the use of a smart phones or tablet, a medical practitioner can view all of the data on their personal device for local monitoring.

The problem that the medical community has faced with security has been a concern that has caused IoT solution providers to create security solutions to allow the medical community to finally adopt IoT solutions.

Benefits of a Bluetooth/Wi-Fi Gateway.

  • Remote monitoring, tracking and control of devices.
  • Data Collection and Logging
  • Metrics
  • Firmware Updates
  • Critical Alerts
  • Reliable Uptime
  • Low Cost
  • Easy to Setup and Install (Plug & Play)
  • Remote Calibration of Devices. is an IoT Solution which has remote control, tracking capabilities and runs on Bluetooth using Bluetooth/Wi-Fi Gateway to analyze, compare, and retrieve data from cloud to the dashboard of respective Mobiles, Tablets and even web. Bluetooth/Wi-Fi Gateway will be easily integrated with your current medical devices for its better performance.

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