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Vensi is enabling developers to create applications on web platform, this is a Web Bluetooth site that follows W3C specifications. With the numerous Bluetooth devices on the market and the push for IoT solutions, to monitor, track and collect data from these Bluetooth devices, has created a great solution for the Internet of Things and developers alike to host and develop apps in Javascript or HTML. BlueApp has taken different development kits and created apps for developers to test and view the data that is coming from the different sensors.

IoT Development kits

What is a software development kit?

A software development kit is a set of tools that allows the creation of applications for different software packages & frameworks, hardware platforms, computer systems and many other platforms. These tools can be used for very simple or extremely complex projects for testing a developer’s work.

By having a web browser and mobile applications to view the data coming from the different sensors is a major step in creating a community of applications for everyone to use.

A few development kits on

BLE Explorer: BLE Explorer scans for Bluetooth 4.0 (Low Energy/Smart) devices, it can connect and browse nearby devices while providing support for read, write and notify characteristics. The app has the capabilities of running in background mode and will wake up and apps to show the user if the values have changed.

Cypress WSN: Cypress WSN is an energy harvesting power management and integrated circuit using solar power and sensors for the Internet of Things applications. This product uses solar cells to power the device so that it can monitor physical and environmental conditions for many different uses like smart homes, commercial buildings, factories and agriculture.

Sensor Tag: It is an Internet of Things development kit by Avnet and sends information from its 10 low power sensors through Bluetooth. The sensing capabilities are light, digital, microphone, magnetic sensor, humidity, pressure, accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, object temperature and ambient temperature. This small device can be used to see a lot of data, and now with can be seen on their dashboard.

These are great apps for developers as a tool to see if the developed peripherals work as they intended and to test their applications. BlueApp is working with many companies in many different industries to create great solutions, for the Internet of Things.

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