Google’s Cloud IoT Core Platform

The Internet of Things is something that every industry is looking at to collect data from different systems and sensors for gathering data to analyze and make better decisions on their business operations. Technology companies are also making transitions to the cloud to accommodate IoT solutions. Amazon Web Services, IBM’s BlueMix, Microsoft Azure and Vensi’s have had cloud management solutions for some time now. Google is joining the ranks by completing its solution with their Cloud IoT Core Platform.

Cloud platforms are one of the major components of the Internet of Things, cloud solutions are needed to analyze data. Google has been dependent on one its channel partners who developed the MQTT broker that powers Google’s IoT Platform.

Google’s Cloud IoT Core Platform

MQTT is a messaging protocol that is used on top of TCP/IP protocols, for Small Sensors and Mobile Devices, it designed for Remote locations with limited bandwidth, MQTT distributes the messages for the client.

Cloud solutions provide a way for companies to manage IoT Devices and process data being generated by those devices and sensors. These cloud solutions can display the data in a much easier way to be analyzed, by tapping into this fast-growing market that is in high demand Google can now be a major player in IoT solutions.

Companies are faced with the problem of validating device, but managing the tons of data that are coming from the different devices can be difficult. Removing the complex levels of managing all of this device and data, companies can now focus on streamlining their business operations and use the data to make smarter decisions based on the information.

Cloud solutions have two primary pieces, 1st is having a device manager to register the different devices/sensors which collect the data, this can be difficult if a company has thousands of devices or sensors. Device management in a good cloud solution will authenticate while maintaining a configuration. This is made easier with a comprehensive dashboard to manage, authenticate all of the devices and users. The second piece of a good cloud solution is the protocol bridge that communicates with the standard protocols for the different environments to securely connect the devices or sensors.

IoT Device Connectivity holds huge potential by providing different industries with the data they need to streamline their operations, grow their profits and have better insights into their customer’s needs.

Vensi’s is a unique cloud platform that can be customized to your specific needs for analyzing data. is a competitive option for an Internet of Things cloud-based solution. This platform not only has the cloud component but also has the hardware to gather the desired data, like the configurable gateway for Cellular, Wifi, and Bluetooth communication, also there is a unique touch screen display gateway with the same communications options. If you have special serial protocol needs, BluTerm is a great choice to get information from Modbus, BACnet, 4 to 20mA, 0 to 10v and other protocols.

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