Google’s Eddystone to Amplify BLE Becons Features.

Eddystone to Amplify BLE Becons Features

Eddystone is a new open source Bluetooth Low Energy Beacon platform introduced by Google, works with Android and iOS phones. It can be deployed in number of platforms and used to provide information and contextual notification within mobile applications to help you navigate the world. Eddystone can communicate with devices through Bluetooth Low Energy signals. Beacons are used to advertise and send notifications in a retail store and other environments. Google’s Eddystone approach is slightly different from Apple iBeacons, a few examples, Eddystone can provide real-time alerts or delays by tracking the bus at busstop as proximity notifies and passively used by anyone through smartphone within range.

Eddystone formats allow manufacturers to support multiple mobile applications and platforms with a single hardware device, and simple updates in existing beacons can be made as Eddystone.

Eddystone broadcasts three different frame types

Eddystone-UID: It is unique ID number of a beacon, which is  the main transmission to trigger push notifications for Smartphones.

Eddystone-URL: This frame will send a notification to open URL’s without having any specific app in your Smartphone, and then it can make use of every beacon technology with all Smartphone.

Eddystone-TLM: This frame can send the sensor data from beacon device like temperature and accelerometer. TLM-Telemetry combination with Proximity Beacon API’s can help to monitor beacon battery life and health.

Eddystone can be used in business scenarios like transit stations to alert and track transportation vehicles, retail stores to send advertisements or offers and product details, restaurants to show menu items or specials. Eddystone is an open source format, so surely it will grow with more features and capabilities to provide vast opportunities for best user service and also a way to deliver better experiences for users of mobile apps.

The goal is to make every beacon useful to help people interact with their surroundings. Beacons will be more important for future business needs as the technology grows whether you choose to use Eddystone or iBeacon with your own products and services, Vensi solutions helps to support beacons to get business needs done.

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