How & Wireless Solutions are helping the Environment

The world is experiencing great innovations with wireless technology, and this is leading to significant changes in how we interact with machines, but this also offers huge opportunities to address environmental issues that are the world’s concern.

Water Monitoring Solutions

The biggest issues concerning the environment that humanity should be thinking about are climate change, population growth, biodiversity and others. Clean water is a major issue for the world that needs immediate attention, considering there is a limited amount of fresh drinking water available.

Vensi/BlueApp has been creating great mobile solutions for years, and now with their Internet of Things solution, it is having a great impact on many different industries with and the Web Bluetooth solution they have created. The Internet of Things is a solution that can help the environment with wireless solutions for monitoring, testing and tracking the health of air, land and water quality.

BlueApp has partnered with a sensor company that monitors relevant water quality parameters. Most water monitoring is done at people’s pools, but now monitoring is available from remote sites too, with their Bluetooth enabled water sensory technology. The two companies are creating a wireless solution that will push data from these sensors to the cloud to create a comprehensive system of tracking, monitoring, data collection, and the sharing of this important information to make a better decision for the future of world’s natural resources.

By having this water monitoring solution available for users can now take advantage of start tracking the different freshwater resources as well as saltwater resources to create a plan to reverse the damage, which man has done.

If your business has environmental equipment for testing or monitoring, and  looking for a smartphone/tablet and web browser solution to improve remote capabilities, contact and speak with our team for a great solution not only for your business but for the world.

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