How Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) supports Chrome to communicate with devices over IP

BLE devices can interact directly with a website

BLE supports Chrome to communicate with devices over IP

Today’s connectivity world is rapidly changing to keep you up and connect with smart devices. Bluetooth technology has integrated advanced low energy and smart connectivity protocols into smart devices. So no matter what devices you want to connect to, you are never far from the devices that are important to you. Many of us have already connected to many devices through internet and Bluetooth.

Bluetooth’s newest version of Low Energy specification brings new protocols, like GATT (Generic Attribute Profile), that defines the data communication between multiple BLE devices, here the data means services and characteristics. We use Bluetooth for short-range wireless communication between devices. The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) has developed a specification for Bluetooth APIs to allow web pages to communicate with devices in a secure and private way. The important thing regarding GATT connections, that a BLE peripheral can be connected to only one central device (a router hub or smartphone) at a time. As soon as a peripheral connects to a central device, it will stops other devices connection to it until the existing connection is broken.

Google developers recently added a Web API to Chrome, which allows a web page to scan, connect, and communicate with nearby Bluetooth smart devices like heart rate monitors and smart lights using the GATT protocol. It supports communication between devices that implement Bluetooth SMART technology. When a web page requests access to nearby BLE devices, Chrome will prompt the user with a device. The user can choose to connect the device or simply cancel the request.

We’re already developed the same approach to connecting BLE devices and making things work for you seamlessly, helps you control BLE devices from anywhere even from the office through any mobile  platform even a browser. We implement the Internet of Things solution for your devices, that is very simple to install and it can be added easily into your existing devices.



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