How Bluetooth Low Energy provides new opportunities to Smart device industry

Bluetooth Low Energy

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) is one of the newest and greatest enhancements from the Bluetooth Special Interest group (SIG). BLE is characterized by a new protocol stack for a quick build-up of simple links and it also gives environmental context to your device.

Bluetooth SIG is promising that BLE is best suited for sensors and small devices with low energy consumption. This new technology paves the way for Bluetooth enabled devices and Internet of Things. It allows Smartphone and computer users to have a secure, interactive connection to multiple devices. This moves the wireless connectivity experience beyond mobile phones.

Bluetooth Low Energy is mainly designed for periodic transfers of very small amounts of data. This data provides proximity in production plants, retail stores, and hospitals to monitor and measure different types of data. BLE provides huge opportunities in markets including automotive, healthcare & fitness, smart home entertainment and controls.

Bluetooth Low Energy offers the following key features in industrial and healthcare applications:

  • Low energy consumption, so sensors can run on coin cell batteries for more than year
  • Low cost to implement in new product as well as existing product
  • More secure while transferring multiple data streams with encrypted connections
  • The range can be optimized if necessary for any application
  • High numbers of communication nodes with limited latency requirements
  • Ease of use
  • Global standards
  • Multiple vendor interoperability
  • Smaller size than the classic Bluetooth to use in wearable devices.
  • Can co-exist with other types of wireless technologies

Bluetooth has already been used in smart energy applications to enable wireless connectivity in electronic devices from simple energy sensors to mesh networks. Examples of these devices are remote control and home automation devices, including home appliances. Bluetooth integration of smart devices in homes could be made easier, more secure, and faster.

Bluetooth Low Energy has opened new opportunities in the market for devices that require low cost wireless connectivity. We simplify connections to enable you to achieve the lowest cost while shortening your time to market and ensure high-quality coverage for your electronic devices. We hope that we will be your ideal partner during the development and manufacturing of your wireless innovations in the market. We at provide custom solutions to connect your devices remotely from anywhere by using Bluetooth Low Energy technology and increase the efficiency of new products as well as existing products.

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