How Connected Devices will Impact the Utilities Industry

People are consuming more energy every day with their daily activities, utility companies are trying to find ways to keep pace with the needs. The Internet of Things is able to provide solutions to utility companies to make energy usage more efficient. One device that is helping utility companies to be more efficient is the use of Smart meters, there are also solutions for water management, lighting, and gas to name a few that are adding Smart Connected Devices to monitor, manage and track energy usage. These smart devices are helping to manage and control energy use.

How Connected Devices will Impact the Utilities Industry

Water Management:

Conserving water is a very high priority for many countries in the world, as well as here in the U.S., the shortage of fresh water for consumption is something that is a concern for everyone, as the scarcity of water in a world where 1.1 billion find it hard to access to water and 2.7 billion people are not able to find clean water. This is something that world has been concerned with for many decades.

The Internet of Things is able to help with monitoring water in states that experience droughts frequently. Take for example California, this state like others experience droughts regularly and government officials have to take drastic measure to reduce the unnecessary use of water in their districts as a result smart water management solutions are becoming more and more popular.

Smart water sensors are now able to track usage in an individual’s home and throughout the cities, these sensors are able to provide data so that the homeowner, business owner, and city management can review data of their usage and make adjustments to reduce waste of water. There are sensors to check water quality, temperature, pressure, consumption and clarity of water that is being used for the public.

Lighting Industry:

Electricity conservation is another area that needs solutions to conserve energy, the sensors use has made great strides in saving energy for years. This is seen with building and their smart lighting solutions to turn off lights in schools, office building, and shopping stores when people are not in certain areas. These solutions started with turning the lights off when people are not present, using sensors to monitor movement, but solutions are getting more advanced and more aggressive with energy consumption concerning lights.

Sensor modules for lighting solutions are becoming more complex and sophisticated for fixtures and lamps, not only can they turn lights on and off, but have smart capabilities to shut off certain fixtures based on the natural light coming into a space, also these advanced fixtures can dim or brighten fixtures automatically when necessary based on usage.

Gas Industry:

The electric car is the most obvious in conserving gas, with the growth of electric cars in the last decade, more people purchasing hybrid cars is making an impact, but there needs to be more adoption so that we are not relying on gas as a means of energy for transportation.

HVAC companies like boiler manufacturers are moving rapidly to IoT solutions for their clients, these solutions are providing great saving with a monitored gas boiler for not only commercial and industrial environments but also with residential environments as well. Boiler manufacturers are able to provide detailed information to the end users of these systems so they can see where their money is going out the window. Vensi is working with different manufacturers of these critical boilers, and are providing invaluable data so that boilers can run more efficiently saving money for the users.

The conservation of energy is everyone’s job to save the planet for future generations, with the integration of smart connected devices, the conversation of energy will be achieved by reducing the unnecessary waste of energy. Our goal should be using efficiently to save energy for future.

“Energy Saved is equal to Energy Created”

Vensi has been developing solutions that are making a difference in saving energy with our partners, by helping them with connected device integration into their water management, lighting and gas systems to help make visibility of consumption easier.

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