How IoT is Making the Cloud Necessary

Adopting Cloud for IoT

As a result of the recent IoT craze, a lot of products that were developed for completely different reasons have changed to become more IoT smart friendly. Most of manufacturing companies have added IoT to their product line that has became a part of an IoT enable ecosystem. They formed provisioning IoT devices, and most of us in the technology community became IoT experts.

IoT and Cloud are revolutionizing the technology world by helping industries change in ways never before imagined. There are many companies transforming business operations with IoT and cloud technology. These technologies provide unlimited computing capability whenever it is needed. New mobile based cloud platform technology provides an easy way to connect information systems to IoT enabled devices. This capability allows many industries to easily and economically manufacture the Internet of Things into their devices with the help of sensors and wireless communication protocols. In addition, Smartphone mobile applications extend the opportunities to collect the device data, send back the real-time updates, and act as remote controller to connected devices.

The Internet of Things and ecosystem involves a huge amount of data that needed an IT infrastructure for small and even many larger companies and also need to supervise. Cloud and Software as a Service (SaaS) models provide access to software and databases in a simple and more efficient manner. Instead of building the infrastructure and platform the applications and database run, the cloud providers do all the work for a company. The application user can accesses the Cloud via a Smartphone application or web browser while the software and data are stored on the dedicated server at a remote location.

As the advance in cloud computing and IoT technologies provided the rapid evolution in the enterprise mobile industry. That makes enterprises to monitor and control the devices locally via Smartphone or tablets and such Smartphone’s can also act as a gateway to the cloud.

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