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The Internet of Things is realizing major benefits in consumer and business applications, that are providing remote capabilities through smartphones, tablets and even on web from anywhere. IoT in it’s infancy stage is showing huge capabilities, by connecting everyone and everything, connected computing, and ubiquitous sensors are some of the biggest areas in IoT growth, where development and deployment are happening.

Industrial IoT Application has created a unique Web Bluetooth app that is able to read sensor data from Bluetooth enabled devices through your smartphone/tablet and web browser, it also works for consumer and Industrial applications. In this section of our blog we will only be able to talk about a few of the applications in each section, but will follow up later with more specific blogs and use cases with these consumer and industrial applications.

Consumer Applications on

Some of the consumer applications that are available, gives users control of their lights, weather meters, air quality and racing cars for the kids.

There are a lot of novelty smart light bulbs in the market for personal use like the Notti, Playbulb Candle, Tabu Lumen and Smart Light and Smart Light WB. These lighting systems give you the ability to adjust the light colors, brightness and even create strobe lighting and other functions with the touch of a button.

If you want to monitor the weather there is an application on to use different devices like Weather Flow to monitor wind speed, temperature, humidity, direction, pressure and more.

If you’re concerned about volatile organic compounds for indoor air quality, there is an app, that will provide you with the information you need to keep your household or business free of these harmful molecules floating in the air. There is also an app for the kids that controls the lights, speed and direction of miniature remote controlled cars.

Industrial Applications on

BlueApp is focused more on industrial applications for the platform. I will talk about a few of my favorites and in later blogs will go into more detail with specific industrial apps that have great uses.

There are a lot of uses for 4-20mA signals, to measure and control many different outputs that analog signal can produce, for industrial process controls this is a very common current loop signal mainly due to it’s consistency.

Modbus is a serial communication protocol that has been one of the primary communication protocols in industrial settings for decades, it is used to connect many different  industrial electronic devices within a network.

BluTerm is a Bluetooth device that connects serial devices like RS232, RS485 and RS422 for remote communication in real-time. These serial communication protocols are used in the transmission of data in many different scenarios in industrial environments.

Vensi/BlueApp is making big steps with many different solutions they have created for the Internet of Things, not only in the consumer space but in industrial settings as well. Follow our blogs to learn more about the creation of our unique IoT solutions, with more specific updates on the applications created on

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