Industrial Internet of Things are Greatly Enhanced with Bluetooth Smart Devices

The Industrial Internet of Things combines machine learning, big data, sensor data, machine to machine communication and automation into accurately capturing and communicating data. The data is then used to monitor inefficiencies and problems, to save money in manufacturing. This technology increases quality control, supply chain efforts, and overall efficiency while providing an increased streamlined process.

The high level of interest and hype surrounding the Industrial Internet of Things is driven by the rapid increase of everyday industrial devices being turned into smart devices, devices that were normally manually operated and used to collect data, like the Roller Encoder are now being equipped with Bluetooth and other wireless communication solutions.

Industrial Internet of Things are Greatly Enhanced with Bluetooth Smart Devices

The Roller Encoder is an amazing tool in technology that has been a major part in advancing industrial manufacturing throughout history, by minimizing the efforts of laborers to measure length and rotation. In industrial manufacturing measuring length and rotation is a great way to analyze the production output of a manufactured product.

Wireless Technology is turning normal devices into the smart device with very little effort, being able to take measurements and have the data go directly to mobile devices or a dashboard to track and analyze these reading; instead of writing down the products measurement, location and time. Now with the Internet of Things, manual devices like the Roller Encoder can be a smart device that will save your industrial manufacturing team countless man hours, by simplifying these basic and, necessary tasks. Users also get real-time data and graphs to make decisions about the production “On the Go” opposed to making changes to the operations later.

Vensi in collaboration with one of its OEM partners has created the first wireless Roller Encoder, using Bluetooth, combined with our gateway, this device has local and remote communication to instantly receive data. This simple tool has now become a smart device that can gather information and remotely send that data to a mobile device or a web dashboard.

The Internet of Things is growing at an alarming rate, but the Industrial Internet of Things is keeping pace if not surpassing commercial IoT efforts, the industrial environments are realizing the importance of remote communication to create an eco-system within their plant to optimize their production output. is an IoT Application useful for various industries which provide local and remote communication within systems, provides analyzed data with accurate readings, critical alerts, our Bluetooth applications can be sync easily into your products for smarter industrial working environments.

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