Industrial Internet of Things Solution for System Connectivity

The Internet of Things has been the topic of conversation concerning technology and it’s future for years now, IoT solutions have brought about the new interest in every industry. All wanting to streamline business processes, improve efficiency, and increase revenue with connected devices.

Pioneering CTO and CIO of technology in every industry want to take advantage of having connected devices and systems at their hands. Industrial Internet of Things solutions offer businesses the ability to streamline and improve the efficiency of not only the processes but their products. The concern for these pioneering technology heads is that they feel they are forced to replace existing legacy systems to get the IoT connectivity that they need.

Industrial Internet of Things Solution for System Connectivity

Some of these industries, for example, the HVAC industry use, protocols like BACnet, Modbus (RS 232/RS48), 4 to 20mA, 0 to 30VDC to get information from the different devices and systems.

These industrial technical pioneers are faced with finding solutions that can be easily adapted to suit their legacy systems or to “Rip and Replace” the whole system to be updated with newer systems to accommodate for IoT solutions. Industrial Internet of Things Solution for System Connectivity:

Vensi believes that current legacy systems don’t need to be replaced as this will not only add a huge capital expense to the business, but then there is the training cost and downtime to implement the new systems. Vensi believes that these systems are gathering vital data, why not adapt to the system and save time and money in doing a system upgrade without replacing the whole system.

BlueApp adapters communicate with BACnet, Modbus, 4 to 20 mA, and many other protocols to get the information from the systems to a dashboard or mobile app, while gathering data, remote monitoring, tracking and control of the products remotely. This adapter is being used in many different industries and is solving the “Rip and Replace” solutions offered by other IoT solution providers.

If your company is looking for an IoT Solution, considering your current systems, we can provide you the best end to end connected IoT solution.’s is an added IoT layer to our client’s existing systems and infrastructure which allows them to efficiently and effectively create a system that will transform their organization without replacing their existing systems.

Vensi’s BlueApp solutions is a great way to get the remote connectivity and control from any industrial system or device, it’s not only simple to integrate but gives users all of the features they want and need. While others are still trying to figure out the Industrial Internet of Things BlueApp is on the cutting edge of the Internet of Things technology.

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