Innovative Things To Expect At Intel IDF 2016

Intel shared the newest innovative technologies and ideas at IDF16, it has many innovations with the latest technology trends like Internet of Things. Initially, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich shared the information about the latest innovations from Intel as Inventing the Future: The Power of a Smart and Connected World at IDF 2016. He talked about few themes and announcements that includes:

idf 2016

Project Alloy: Redefines the experience of computing with Virtual Reality. Project Alloy is an all-in-one virtual reality solution, it is a great example of the future of merged reality today, the Alloy platform completely redefines high possibilities in an all-in-one VR platform. Alloy delivers a set of new and  immersive experiences with the help of Intel’s RealSense technology that’s optimized for VR usages.

Alloy allows you to operate VR headsets without troubling cords that connect to the computer because the computing power is already located in the Alloy Head-Mounted Device itself, which allows the user a great VR experience like never before. All this means you can cut the VR cord to allow a free range of motion even across a large space.  Alloy Head-Mounted Device includes with RealSense technology, collision detection and avoidance, which enables the user to utilize physical movement to explore a virtual space.

Intel will be opening the Alloy hardware and provide open APIs for the ecosystem, which allows developers and partners to create their own branded products and to deliver the future of immersive experiences with their programming skills from the Alloy design in the next year.

Intel’s RealSense technology: RealSense camera integrates visual intelligence into your  products, it gives devices the ability to understand and respond that allows you to see real elements from the real world and also you can use gestures with your hands to interact with elements of your virtual world, bringing the real world into the virtual world and virtual world into the real world.

Realsense 3D camera can scan real life things like a child’s toy or your face or any piece of art and creates a digital 3D version which you can share to your social media site or you can print to a 3D printer too. If you are in live video chat, you can swap out unwanted backgrounds seamlessly and display all participants live on screen with you to place your video chat into a virtual world by scanning real objects using your Intel RealSense camera.

The Long-Range Intel RealSense full-HD camera with depth sensing capabilities creates an image that enables you to execute 3D scanning and refocuses objects in videos and uses selective filters with the touch of a finger. The Short-Range Intel RealSense camera works best indoors at close range, where it can easily see your face, hands, gestures and how they move.

Intel invites developers to create the next generation of natural, immersive applications that include hand and finger tracking, facial analysis, speech recognition, augmented reality, and 3D scanning. Intel has two more big releases of latest developer kit modules, that are Curie and Joule.

Finally, Intel at IDF16 trying to make the world a better place with the help of technology and providing the tools to developers to create innovative applications for next generation amazing experiences.

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