Intel’s IoT Developers Release of Curie & Joule

Intel has shared their vision of future technology in key growth areas including VR technology, autonomous driving, machine learning and a much more at IDF 2016. IDF 2016 is a mega event from Intel and it feels like a Techfest  where it has talked about everything their future technologies but not PCs. We are talking about a couple of new Intel’s IoT developers release, those are  Joule, a maker board for robots, drones, smart devices, and smart wearables. Curie, a button-sized computer system with multiple sensing capabilities which can bring innovations in wearable technology with low power.

intel new releases at idf 2016

Curie Module: It is a tiny, low-power hardware module for IoT wearable and other consumer and industrial devices. This solution includes a Quark microcontroller, sensors (DSP sensor hub, pattern matching technology, accelerometer and gyroscope), Bluetooth Low Energy, rechargeable battery and other sensor data analyzing capabilities. It enables smart devices accurately, quickly and identify motion and other activities.

Anyone can integrate with their smart products connecting through the Bluetooth Low Energy and collect the data from an accelerometer and gyroscope sensors, you can measure vibrations, accelerations, rotations and also track the exact location of an object. This entire Intel Curie module is a great choice for building a smart and connected product with the above capabilities, it also provides cost effective options to develop fitness and sports devices, tracking lifestyle devices and health devices which helping to improve efficiency.

Joule Module: Intel is powering the next generation of innovation by presenting a new IoT Developer kit 4.0 with Joule, the Intel joule module is a high-performance platform with supporting RealSense technology, which can deliver human-like senses to a smart device, it enables developers to take a concept into a prototype and then into production faster and minimize development cost. Intel says the Joule module is ideal for testing concepts in robotics, augmented reality, VR, and the industrial Internet of Things.

The Intel Joule platform starts with a compute module feature the model 550x includes 1.5GHz quad-core Atom T5500 processor, 3GB of RAM and 8GB of storage, and the model 570x featured with a 1.7GHz quad-core Atom T5700 CPU, 4GB of RAM and 16GB of storage, and both models include Intel graphics with 4K capture and display support, and a Linux-based OS.

It has announced many other new products, that are Project Alloy, an innovative VR design for cordless headgear that merges the real world and virtual  world, New development kit tools for RealSense technology development, which enables intelligent, interactive and autonomous machines with human-like 3D perception and much more. As a result, this annual Intel Developer Forum 2016 (IDF) becomes less about new processors for PCs and more about enabling innovations of the future for developers.

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