IoT and Supply Chain Management, How Do The Two Work Together?

Anyone working in the business world knows how important supply chain management is. If your company does not have an efficient way to distribute the items you sell, the company will not succeed. Recently at IoT World industry leaders got together to discuss the trends that we will see in the near future in terms of IoT. The way IoT will impact supply chain management was a big issue.

IoT and Supply Chain Management

IoT is said to be disruptive and important when it comes to supply chain strategy. Supply Chain Management World has surveyed about 1000 supply chain executives each year. This survey was to determine what they think the most important technologies in the industry is. Since 2014, IoT was on the forefront of the results making the top three both years. The amount of people who consider it important has also increased significantly from 2014. When this survey is sent out in 2016, the results will be even more overwhelming that IoT is important to supply chain.

The Change to Big Data: Nowadays, supply chain management requires a lot of data and control. IoT has been proven as a great way to deal with big data. Especially when you have a solution like BlueApp, the solution does all the hard big data work for you. A good IoT solution will collect all of your data in one place and is ready for you to run reports in order to make the best supply chain management decision.

Now that e-commerce has become more important in many industries and causing more demand, the old supply chain management techniques may not be as effective. Therefore, the reason as to why many companies are switching to an IoT model.

Technologies That Can be Used in Supply Chain Management
Sensors: With sensors placed inside of your existing devices, you can collect data to make more informed business decisions. For example, if you have a sensor placed in your manufacturing systems, that information can be relayed to a big data solution to improve business practices.

Beacons: Beacons are similar to sensor technology, but this is for an area rather than a specific device. Gathering information on an area can really improve how supply chain management is done.

Other Hardware: This includes something like BlueApps gateway BlueHub. The BlueHub gathers information from your devices and relays that information to our online dashboard. In addition, you can monitor and control your devices from anywhere at anytime. You can run your business from the comfort of your home with a technology like BlueHub.

Despite this shift in IoT, we are not saying that supply chain management will be completely automated anytime soon. However, we are saying that IoT will significantly help manage supply especially in big companies. Not only will it make jobs easier, but it will also reduce inefficiencies that existed in the past.

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