IoT Connectivity for Industrial Equipment and Systems

The Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the fastest growing technologies in the tech industry, the focus for many companies is on creating new IoT devices from scratch. Many startups and existing hardware companies want to secure their share in this growing market space with new and creative devices.

IoT Connectivity for Industrial Equipment and Systems

Starting a project with a clean slate is a great way to start a project if you have a custom application in mind, it gives you the flexibility to incorporate special features into your design that will address current and future needs. This is a process that many are taking on in the Internet of Thing, with this process you have the ability to customize software and hardware for future applications. This approach is a much easier approach for IoT developers and manufacturers because there are no limitations to the design.

In the Industrial sectors this may not be the best approach, the reason is that manufacturers create new designs from existing products to build on their current products to shorten the development time to market. If you have an existing device of any kind whether it’s a gateway, boiler controller, gauge, or control system, it is always easier to build upon what you already have rather than to start from scratch with a new design for a similar product.

In the industrial environment, there are a number of protocols that already exist like Zigbee, BACnet, and Modbus to name a few, they have been on the market for years and in some cases many decades. Creating a new protocol for industries and getting users to adopt would be near impossible considering the change in the infrastructure to accommodate the new technology. It would mean that companies would have to completely redesign all of their hardware and software, and expect their existing client base to purchase a new system.

For the Internet of Things to work well with Industrial equipment, there needs to be an approach to resolve connectivity issues with the existing technology without redesigning whole systems and creating new technology, keeping the existing technology and building on that makes it easier to enter the market with Industrial applications., IoT solutions are creating software applications and systems that take into account the existing systems and equipment, as well as creating custom applications to fit industrial needs. By being able to connect with the existing equipment and protocols through hardware solutions and communicate that information back to the cloud is a challenge for many IoT companies, something Vensi has been accomplishing with its OEM partners and has mastered with its software and hardware products.

Vensi Inc’s solution takes into account the industrial equipment challenges with existing systems and equipment. The overall design is an end to end IoT solution that is based on the existing Bluetooth standard, that communicates with existing protocols in the industrial space, this provides local and remote connectivity. The challenges of getting any protocol data back to the cloud are made easy with the Bluetooth Gateways and adapters that are apart of  Vensi Inc’s IoT ecosystem.

Our dashboard provides analyzed data in your smartphones for local and remote monitoring of your existing or new equipment & systems with few modifications either in hardware or software.

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