IoT Solutions for Smart Manufacturing Processes to Transform Economic Growth

IoT solutions are not only transforming the internet, but also changing the nature of things. This includes all the products that you create. These smart connected products are creating new opportunities, reducing cost of production, improving efficiency, and increasing economic growth.

Most companies trying to compete and differentiate themselves in the IoT world, that are recognizing the powers of IoT and acting on it. These companies collect and analyze the information from customers, suppliers and also from their products. Once this information is gathered, the companies can easily identify a profitable business and can use this to find new opportunities.

IoT solutions for Manufacturing

IoT solutions has been changing the manufacturing processes, in that smart manufacturing machines are connected to the Internet to reach optimum production levels and to be more efficient. In the present marketplace, most companies are increasingly taking advantage of adopting new technologies. After installing new technologies, connected enterprises are seeing increases in efficiency and doubling their previous production amounts. These smart manufacturing machines were linked to software that lets employees have remote access to control and analyze both historical as well as real-time data. Production dashboards provide a comprehensive picture of the whole manufacturing system so users can monitor performance from anywhere and any-time. That new system can reduce maintenance cost and downtime leading to a reduction in massive information gaps about real-time conditions as well as enhancing the capability to collect more data.

Smart Manufacturing with IoT solutions will have a widely accepted feature that is preventative and conditional monitoring. Low energy sensors and wireless connectivity technologies make it easier to collect performance data and monitor a machine’s health. If the manufacturer has a machine that operates within a certain temperature range, the company can use sensors to actively monitor the temperature changes and prevent malfunctions.

Most manufacturing companies lose money when a machine fails. IoT solutions can help manufacturers to improve overall machine effectiveness, save money by minimizing machine failures, and allow the company to perform preventative maintenance. Production managers can instantly find out the status of production and with this information, they are able to share that information/data with other departments. This leads to a quick information flow along with faster and better decision making. This will lead to a greater market response.

Machine to machine (M2M) communications will give manufacturers a new level of automation and to create an intelligent networks. This will significantly reduce manual intervention by automating operations. Smart machines can predict failures and trigger maintenance processes automatically rather than a user personally monitoring a system. IoT in logistics lets business processes react to unexpected changes in production, such as material shortages and bottleneck problems. offers the most advanced connectivity options for your devices with Bluetooth Smart and provides the best M2M communication. This allows your device to be monitored, controlled and tracked through any smartphone or web browser from anywhere.

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