IoT Solutions Improves Productivity in Dairy Farming Industry

The Farming Industry is facing challenges to meet the demands of the ever-growing population worldwide. Over the next 40 years the world’s population is expected to reach 9 billion people, currently, it is 7.5 billion people. The United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization predicts global food production will need to increase by 70% to prevent massive famine throughout the world.

IoT Solutions Improves Productivity in Dairy Farming Industry

The major challenges that the farming industry are faced with:  

  • Lack of resources limited availability of land, depletion of natural resources and environmental issues such as effluent disposal and deforestation are constraining expansion of livestock production.
  • Strong demand for more food as the world’s population grows.
  • Land management problems resulting from the preparation of the land to grow the crops to improper grazing practices.
  • Food waste from spoilage and produce culled by retailers.
  • Government policies and intervention.

IoT Solutions are helping to resolve some of the challenges that farmers face for the growing population demand to be more productive in their farming process. This not only applies to crops but dairy farmers as well. Dairy farmers face the same demands as crop farmers to increase the productivity of dairy products like milk and yogurt and consumed meat products.

The farming industry has always adapted to new technology into their farming efforts to meet the heavy demands of population growth, but The Internet of Things is providing invaluable data that has not been available in recent years; this data can be analyzed to make better decisions in the farming industry and their farming strategies to improve productivity for higher yields.

How the Farming industry is using technology to increase productivity:

  • Tracking cattle movement and locations to prevent potential loss or theft.
  • Measuring fertility of cows to make better decisions on breeding.
  • Monitoring or Tracking of cows behavior, eating habits, health conditions etc
  • Lactation and the use of robots to increase milk production.


The use of hardware and software can make the farming industry more productive to meet the challenges it faces by collecting different data points to improve the industry’s production. This technology is also harmless to the environment and to the cattle so it appeals to many different people and groups, unlike the genetically modified hormones and other harmful and unnatural additives that are normally added to increase productivity.

Vensi, Inc Hardware, and Software Solutions are being used in many different industries to create innovative IoT solutions for collecting data, with our hardware solutions like our BluTerm Adapters, Wifi, Bluetooth and Cellular Gateways and our software solutions with mobile applications and a dashboard to analyze data. These IoT solutions for data collection are easy to integrate into any system and provide great reliability.

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