IoT Solutions Improves the Supply Chain Management Process

The Internet of Things and improvements to networks are taking the Supply Chain Management process to another level, by providing more accurate and improved tracking of the assets. Supply Chain Management is defined as the tracking, identifying, acquiring and managing of products and/or resources needed to run a business or other organization.

The Tracking of goods in the supply chain management process can be very difficult whether you’re tracking large shipping containers or something that can fit in the palm of your hand. Throughout this process, things can be lost or stolen which ultimately takes away from companies profits and prevents them from being delivered to the consumer. This is a process that affects a number of entities throughout the process and being able to pinpoint the exact location of goods is crucial.

IoT Solutions Improves the Supply Chain Management Process

The goal in the Supply Chain Management process is to achieve effective fulfillment of goods from the supplier to the manufacturer, to the wholesaler than to the retailer and end customer. Having the inventory available to fit the demand is crucial for the success throughout this process. Clear insights of goods, the availability and being able to track where they are in the whole process is crucial.

There are companies out there, that have good Supply Chain Management process in place. They are able to track goods and provide detailed information about delivery date and time, and driver location.

The whole process is getting better as companies realize the importance of having exact information of good, tracking them is the crucial aspect of this process.

Companies are starting to use new technologies like the Internet of Things, hardware devices and Cloud technology to bring together a complete comprehensive solution to increase visibility into the Supply Chain Management process.

Vensi’s platform is a great example of a Cloud platform that can provide real-time insights into the locations of goods and products. The solution is able to run on a dashboard and mobile apps to provide the most accurate visibility in the tracking of goods from manufacturer to end consumer and throughout the process. This IoT solution provides clear communications and notifications updates for end users.

The solution takes all the data and aggregates it into a simple to read the dashboard, that allows the user to take command of their Supply Chain Management process. This platform is easy to integrate into any system to get data and display it on mobile application or web browser, there are also hardware component and a sensor that can be used to help with the complete solution.

Vensi has created a unique end to end IoT solution that is agnostic to any industry with its hardware and software implementation, we also create custom solutions to fit specific needs for our clients.

If you are looking at IoT solutions and are not sure how to get started and need help from an IoT solution provider that has the knowledge and skill set to develop a Supply Chain Management platform for the most accurate experience in real-time.

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