IoT World Event to Discover Latest IoT Trends in 2016

The Internet of things (IoT) is an increasingly growing concept and provides huge business opportunities for almost all industries. It is already having an impact on us. It impacts how we live and how we work. Internet services are connecting people through mobile devices and technology at a low cost. These costs are also going down, creating a perfect growth opportunity for IoT and changing the world we live in.

IoT World Event 2016

Almost every day, there is a new IoT product launched or people investing in an IoT empowered product and service ranging from smarter homes to health care. The IoT situation of follow IoT influencers and waiting for opportunities is not enough. There are many IoT events, summits and conferences are providing plenty of new IoT business opportunities to look forward to.

The IoT World event is one the world’s largest and most comprehensive IoT event in the technology marketplace. It covers many different topics ranging from IoT Analytics, IoT architecture, IoT security, IoT wearables, energy, agriculture, smart cities, smart homes, connected cars, healthcare, manufacturing and others. There are over 10,000 attendees, 150 exhibitors and 300 different industry leaders participating and focusing on bringing together innovators and investors from the IoT space to create business partnerships and develop IoT ecosystems to discover networking opportunities. It is most comprehensive IoT event in the marketplace to present your innovative ideas and stand as an IoT leader.

The Highlights Of The IoT World Event:

  • The main floor comes with hundreds of exhibitors showcasing their latest innovative products and services.
  • The Ecosystem Stage  to catch up on the latest trends impacting IoT, leading IoT experts will present a range of topics through panel discussions, case studies and much more.
  • Developer World to help developers learn about fundamental aspects of their business, how to make apps that work with successful, downloaded, used and reach their goals.
  • Droid World conference will be exploring all the hard hitting issues surrounding the largest mobile platform in the world.
  • Startup City  will showcase over 50 innovative startups to bring up the IoT revolution.
  • The Technical Symposium will provide great insight for tech professionals to enhance their knowledge and skills of IoT and maximize ROI.

The central focus of this IoT world event 2016 is meeting and deal making. will be showcasing our innovative products and services at the IoT world event 2016. is at the front line of innovative Bluetooth Low Energy technology to better serve our customers and our innovative tech professionals to provide a unique solution for your business problems and solutions keep your business on the track with the current trends in the IoT industry to position your business at the forefront of innovation.

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