Pressure Gauges & makes for a Great IoT Solutions

Remote monitoring pressure guages

Pressure gauges have been a common tool in various industries across the world for at least a half of a century now, they are used daily to monitor different systems. We use them to measure the air pressure in our vehicles tires, and in industrial settings they are used to measure HVAC, refrigeration, ventilation, and many other uses to make sure that these systems are working within the set limits. These gauges are important for everyday use to monitor pressure levels of many different systems, to keep different units functioning properly and in some cases to keep us safe.

Vensi/BlueApp has partnered with JB Industries to give remote capabilities for their Bluetooth-enabled products, has created a unique wireless solution to capture, store, and report data taking from pressure gauges. This partnering is a huge benefit to technicians who use these products on a daily basis, no longer are they manually writing down measurements and calculating the different units of measurement. The application has been created to add many different features and capabilities that make pressure gauge reading easier.

Pressure measurement of gases, liquids, and vapors is a very critical necessity in technicians daily routine, these gases, liquids, and vapors at levels too high or too low can be very volatile and cause serious damage if they get out of the desired parameters.

The wireless solution that was created  and succeed in a smartphone & tablet solution to remotely track, monitor, configure, and capture data.

Some of the features that makes this a great solution:

  • Remote Management Capabilities
  • Programmable Alerts for Low & High Limits
  • Approaching Leaking
  • Data Logging System for Recording & Sharing Job Statistics
  • Sends Text Messages & Emails
  • Light or Dark App Themes for Visibility in Different Lighting Environments

Solutions like this one and many others are making life more convenient, more streamlined, and safer for all.

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