Progressive Bluetooth Apps with Web Bluetooth “The Perfect IoT Solution”

Vensi has created the perfect Internet of Things solution that is, this solution is a Web Bluetooth solution that uses W3C specification and allows developers to create their own applications in Google Chrome. enables developers to create applications in Javascript and HTML, which are two widely known developer languages.

perfect iot solution

The Internet of Things is evolving at an incredible rate due to solutions like the one Blueapp has, allows you to take advantage of your smartphones/tablets and web browser to read data from the cloud. This Bluetooth IoT solution is something that will help Bluetooth to become one of the prevailing protocols, with it’s ease of development and the many use cases that can be applied.

Presently everyone has a pretty clear idea of what Bluetooth and Google Chrome are, but may not have knowledge on W3C specification and how does that enable you to read Bluetooth sensors from Google Chrome.

What is a W3C specification?

The World Wide Web Consortium is an organization that creates standards for the World Wide Web, their goal is to create compatibility and agreement within their organization for the adoption of new standards. This is all done so that there is consistency in development on the web.

W3C has developed specifications for Bluetooth API’s to allow websites to communicate with devices in a secure and private way. The goal is to minimize attacks with malicious websites by removing access to some Bluetooth features, it also gives the user the ability to grant access to others for a higher level of security.

The Web Bluetooth API allows users to discover, pair and connect to Bluetooth devices. is a Web Bluetooth site that uses applications to track, monitor and control these different sensors and devices, also collecting the data being displayed.

If you’re looking for a unique and perfect Internet of Things solution and want to take your business to the next level with wireless technology, Web Bluetooth is a great solution that is taking advantage of existing technology like Smartphones/Tablets and combining them for the perfect IoT solution. Bluetooth is something that everyone is accustomed to using and is installed in just about every smart device out there, now with Web Bluetooth on a browser like, it’s easy to have a great IoT solution.

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