Service Industry Operations are improved with Internet of Things

The Field Service Industry is another sector that is being transformed by the Internet of Things, along with other industries that are trying to streamline their business operations to save money by adding sensors and real-time monitoring to the strategy.

The Field Service industry manages a company’s resources with field technicians who go out on location to solve problems with machinery, these industries range from hospitals and mobile healthcare, the cable TV industry, gas and utilities, office elevators and the list goes on. These technicians play a valuable role in assuring that things are working properly in just about everything we do.

Service Industry Operations are improved with Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is aiding in enhancing the operations and preventative maintenance of these resources by remotely monitoring, tracking and in some situations controlling the resources. The cloud-based solutions and sensors are able to send notifications and alerts of the status of equipment so that a technician can access the health of the equipment they maintain.

These insights are helping to create preventative maintenance plans to prevent breakdowns in equipment, with planned guidelines and schedules technicians can be reminded of scheduled routine maintenance for different sites and locations of equipment. The remote monitoring shows if a particular machine is running within the desired parameters outlined by the OEM if the technician remotely receives an alert he can then access the issue with the data sent to the cloud from the different sensors.

Some of the sensors used to get the data of the equipment are temperature, humidity, vibration, just to name a few, the sensors can relay the data needed to monitor its health.

Take for example an electric motor in an industrial setting, the motors are normally very large and can be in remote settings, but are necessary to keep a business running. If the motor is running hot, or it is not running at all, then the data will be sent to alert a technician, with vibration sensor data will be sent if it’s running at its correct RPM’s which is also a great indicator of the health of the machine.

All of these remote monitoring of the equipment is that technicians service is creating better preventive maintenance helping to make the equipment last longer, also saving time and money so that technicians don’t have to constantly make long or many trips to different locations.

Vensi has been creating Remote Monitoring Solutions for our equipment manufacturers to help maintain their equipment. If your team is considering an IoT solution we can help your team get started on a path to create a solution that will help create better preventative maintenance solutions with the Internet of Things.

Vensi’s BlueApp Solutions is a great way to get the remote connectivity and device connectivity to make smarter technicians for the field service industry, It’s not only simple to integrate but gives users all of the features they want and need.

Our Solutions are helpful to integrate IoT into your current business, contact us at or for more information.

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