Technologies that are Accelerating the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things while still in its infancy stage is seeing that the adoption is growing rapidly in many different industries, this is due to technologies that are enabling easy access to remotely gather data, remote monitoring of different systems and devices and remote control from anywhere in the world.

These technologies are enabling industries that would not have been able to have an IoT solution without changing their existing systems to accommodate IoT, in some scenarios the concern has been security, in others businesses linking IoT endpoints to applications and analytics to generate business outcomes others could not connect to legacy systems. These are just a few barriers that industries have seen as an obstacle to adopting IoT solutions. Now things are changing to get business on board with the next phase of the internet or as some have dubbed it Internet 2.0.

Technologies that are Accelerating the Internet of Things

Startups are making great impacts with hardware technology that are resolving connectivity issues. BlueApp is a great example of hardware that enables connectivity to gather and monitor data remotely. BluTerm is Bluetooth adapter that connects Mod-bus, BACnet, 4 to 20mA, and 0 to 10 voltage that connects devices and systems to a gateway that can push data to a dashboard. BlueApp also has multiple gateways that can be used in indoor and remote outdoor scenarios using Bluetooth, WiFi, and Cellular, on incorporates a display on the gateway instead of expensive displays offered by larger companies.

IoT platforms must be complete and end to end to be of value, whether by having their own hardware and software or by creating an ecosystem/partnerships with other companies to provide users with the best solution available. BlueApp has partnerships as well as their own solutions, but their partnerships are creating a larger reach to enable these solutions.

Application Programming Interfaces or API’s are important strategies for enterprises to tap into the Internet of Things, used as a bridge to connect information and data devices would be useless without API’s which enable connectivity. API’s provide unseen possibilities for IoT. while helping users interact with systems and devices and companies to monetize IoT.

Security is a concern with many companies as a breach can reduce their stocks prices and cause irreparable damage to the brand. Security with the Internet of Things is a responsibility that everyone needs to follow best practices to ensure that data is safe. IoT companies and their partners are securing their platforms with a multi-layered approach. This approach involves device level security, design and development security measures, firmware and software security, as well as shared cloud security with it, uses. Everyone realizes that in today’s world that cyber security should be the highest priority to make sure the Internet of Things continues to keep up the pace that it has. Solution providers learned early that by having the most secure solutions will not only help to grow their solutions but keep the integrity of IoT intact.

The adoption of the Internet of Things will continue to grow with hardware and software technology companies continue to be innovative in responding to business needs by enabling IoT solution that would not otherwise be accessible to some. Increasing security for every aspect of a different hardware device, to software implementation and everyone follow the best practices to ensure that the data is safe, will only help to ensure IoT’s future. The most important thing that will ensure steady growth is the partnerships and ecosystems that are being forged early, this is helping to create the great solution without building each project from scratch.

Vensi’s BlueApp Solutions is a great way to get the remote connectivity and control from any industrial system or device, it’s not only simple to integrate but gives users all of the features they want and need. While others are still trying to figure out the Internet of Things, BlueApp is on the cutting edge of the Internet of Things technology.
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