The Best Robot in the Robot War Asus Zenbo

Until recently the most functional robots out there were lower level mechanical devices designed for performing tasks that no one likes to do, like sweeping floors, cleaning gutters, or even mopping floors, iRobot has designed some great robots to do these menial tasks, even keeping us in touch with family when we are travelling, using video and audio like a teleconference app.

Asus Zenbo

Asus is a company known for its laptops and tablet quality and is soon to release a home robot for adults. This robot has a lot of great functionality and practical purpose in a home environment.  Some of the previous generation of robots was more geared towards kids and being cute with their human interaction by answering questions or giving directions, but they didn’t perform much in the way of tasks.

Asus has created a robot that works great with smart homes, using voice command it can control lights, heating, fire alarms and air conditioner systems, or any device that uses a remote control. There is also voice command capabilities to browse the internet and to make video calls. Zenbo is the most practical robot I’ve seen out in the market to date. It doesn’t have the capability to carry things around yet, but it is mobile and has a great interface (it’s also as cute as the kid robots).

The Zenbo robot is not only a great tool for the handicap, elderly people or even just that lazy couch potato, this robot can be a great tool with remote healthcare solutions. The opportunities to use this robot are limitless in healthcare, not only controlling different things around the house a sick person would normally struggle to do. Currently, many remote healthcare solutions providers use smartphones to read the Bluetooth enable healthcare devices which are unlimited in today’s market. The healthcare facility is now able to have remote video calls with the patient instead of the patient having to physically be at the doctor’s office. The time spent with patients that are critically ill instead of the patients that need to have their vitals updated can have life saving benefits. The cost of saving for healthcare would be substantial by adding in technologies like this.

All of the data collection from Zenbo brings us back to the Internet of Things, with the data collection doctors can analyze the patient information and be more predictive in their diagnosis.

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