The Big Partnership on Artificial Intelligence to Benefit People and Society

Artificial intelligence has already arrived in the present market and AI systems are used today to identify faces in Facebook photos and Siri voice assistant to talk. Amazon, Facebook, Google, IBM, and Microsoft are coming together as a group called the Partnership on Artificial Intelligence to Benefit People and Society. This nonprofit organization primary mission includes researching on AI to develop innovative AI technology and  making AI understand the customers. The board of Partnership on AI includes people from the corporate world, academics, and specialists in policy.

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Why the Partnership on AI and How it Organized:

AI is more intelligent and useful for new business opportunities but why all these big companies which are usually competitors came together because to serve as an open platform for discussion and engagement about AI, and its influences on people and society. This group also look into deep learning, increase the smartness of their devices with other technologies and should keep AI grow as more applications.

The new Partnership on AI also going to work with some existing scientific and nonprofit AI organizations that are including the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence and the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence. AI technologies have tremendous potential to create innovative solutions and improve lifestyle in many aspects. The AI solutions are ranging from healthcare, education, and manufacturing to home automation and transportation. The Partnership on AI hoping that to maximize their potential and their solutions should benefits as many people as possible.

The big technology companies have been developing AI-related projects for years. Small meetings and conversations have occurred at conferences and workshops on the potential impact of AI systems and how it concern technologies might be addressed. The company’s researchers kicked off informal discussions about the possibility of bringing their companies together to form a non-profit organization and those discussions finally brings the formation of the Partnership on AI. However, there are few companies missing, but in the future, the other companies like Apple and research laboratories also participate in this nonprofit research group OpenAI.

Existed AI solutions combined with IoT:

  • iRobot was the first commercially successful automated vacuum cleaning solution. It remembers a home layout and adapts different surfaces to clean a room without human intervention with more efficiently, and dock itself recharge their batteries.
  • As an IoT device, Nest digital interface was a welcome change from the clunky physical dial thermostat, and it’s smartphone integration allow users to monitor and control temperature from anywhere.
  • Tesla’s technology as an example of future smart transportation, Tesla’s autonomous vehicle technology really works. Tesla’s self-driving cars are unique, the whole Tesla fleet operates as a network and when one car learns something, they all cars learn it.


We at believe that Artificial intelligence will common functionality with the vast number of connected things to make more sense to provide almost endless opportunities.

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