The Future of Transportation is Self-Driving Car

Operating a vehicle autonomously on public roads is very complex and not safer than flying an airplane due to a huge number of unpredictable objects on roads including heavy vehicles, walkers, animals, potholes, and buildings. But recent major announcements on autonomous vehicles from big companies like Tesla new model car have autopilot software, Uber also launched a self-driving cars trial in Pittsburgh and Ford, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and more are began to show off its own autonomous cars, these announcements have raised hopes that self-driving cars will soon be widely available and solve many transportation problems. Current autonomous vehicles can only self-drive under few limitations. 

key benefits of Self-driving carUS vehicle crashes killed around 36 thousand people in 2015 alone, and the most of those accidents are driver error only. So, that the government lays out few options to make autonomous vehicles safer and Federal auto safety regulators made the cars driven by machines official.

How we get benefited from self-driving cars

  • There will be no driver costs even for taxis and commercial transport.
  • We can reduce the stress of driving a vehicle and this allows to take rest and work even while traveling.
  • Reduce common accident risks and therefore we can increase road capacity and reduce costs. It also allows travel close together even in narrower lanes and reducing roadway costs.
  • Self-driving cars can drop off passengers and find a parking space their own which increases more convenience and reduce total parking costs.
  • It supports vehicle rental services that substitute for ownership of an individual vehicle.
  • Autonomous car platform facilitates car sharing that increases fuel efficiency, various savings and reduce pollution emissions.

Also, there are few disappointments in passenger services such as unavailability of human services to help passengers particularly elders or with disabilities for carrying luggage, in and out of a taxi and offer guidance to illiterate people or new visitors. Manufacturers also will take a long time to earn profits by recovering the costs of new developments that includes special mapping software. Self-driving cars will probably increase the purchase price of several thousand dollars and a few more hundred dollars in the annual service fee.

However, after 2030’s driver-less cars or autonomous vehicles will have the ability to provide more convenient and less expensive taxi or car sharing services, that may reduce the need for traditional public transport services and reduce individual vehicle ownership. Self-driving taxis and public transport services will add more features and more convenience rather than substitutes.

Implementing autonomous vehicle or self-driving car is just one of many tech trends like Internet of things to affect future lifestyle, transportation demands, and costs, and it is not necessarily the important but ultimate impacts of self-driving cars depend on how it serve the people.

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