The King of Multi Room Audio is also the great example of Mesh Networking

You are probably wondering why a technology company is writing about and the audio company.  SONOS is a great example of Mesh Networking, and this is something that was planned in the development of their new products counting back before Mesh Networking became as common of a phrase and the Internet of Things.

example of Bluetooth meshnetworking

SONOS may not have the highest accolades that Bose, B&W and some of the other audio manufacturers have, but SONOS does things right for the future. They are very good at making the existing products easier to use, better and less expensive.

How Sonos is a great example of Mesh Networking

SONOS is a great example of Mesh Networking with its audio solutions because they realize that to keep their customers, their solutions need to be forward thinking and work with not only the new products but the existing ones as well.

SONOS created a mobile application to get rid of expensive controllers for syncing up audio equipment, in doing this they are showing they have more concern with the long-term repeat business for customers. This strategy alone will aid in the long-term success of the company.

SONOS has completely done away with the need for any wires whatsoever, there is no reason to wire your audio system to a router with the SONOS Play.  This makes it an easy setup process for just about anyone, previously just to set up audio equipment was a time-consuming task that no-one wanted to undertake. SONOS makes installation and setup easy, and most importantly, its wireless feature to connect to equipment that is 2 to 3 years old, now you can expand on your existing equipment to get sound throughout your house

They have added signal boosters to extend the range, where nodes were too far away, this is also another cost cutting benefit of adding technology, so consumers aren’t spending money on hardware to upgrade audio systems.

SONOS has done a great job in creating a Mesh Network with their line of stereo equipment, to make syncing up complex home audio equipment easier and more affordable by using Mesh Network technology.

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