The Internet of Things and Connected Device Management

The Internet of Things has many reasons for industries to have connectivity to the internet with their systems and devices, the data received from these systems/devices is invaluable. By showing connectivity its users are able to see if the device is on or off from anywhere in the world as well as other critical functionality.

These connected devices can send alerts of their status and operating functions including maintenance alerts. Connected devices are creating new streams of revenue for companies while improving customer service and satisfaction, while also inspiring new product innovation.

The Internet of Things and Connected Device Management

Device management allows equipment manufacturers to monitor and manage remote equipment, systems, and products through the internet, and in some cases remotely control these devices.

The Internet of Things brings many challenges for different industries, one common challenge is device management with their connected devices. Device management is critical in for providing the value added attributes in the Internet of Things platforms. Having a device management solution in IoT delivers better customer experience and securely manages different devices throughout their life cycle.

Security is a major concern with any company especially in these days of tech-savvy hackers that can get into almost any systems, so having many levels of security is important on the web as well as with connected devices.

Device management creates another level of security for connected devices and systems and is something that is done at the administration level of these device management solutions.

The initial setup of these IoT applications provides admin users to allow different levels of user rights with permissions to certain segments of the application, like read only, or only viewing certain data. This is done with smartphones and tablets to extend the level of security in a device management solution.

The Internet of Things is moving at an alarming rate making sure that device management is a part of your IoT solution is as important as the IoT solution itself, without the management and security of devices the solution will not be complete.

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