The Long Anticipated Release of Bluetooth 5.0

Bluetooth 5.0 release

Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) executive director Mark Powell has set the date for a release of Bluetooth 5.0 for June 16th, 2016. This anticipated launch of the latest software upgrade to Bluetooth will satisfy car makers and drivers alike, as well as homeowners and industrial & commercial businesses looking for an IoT solution. There are many well planned and thought out upgrades for Bluetooth 5.0 to solidify its future in the Internet of Things space and wireless technology as a whole.

The major feature that will be included in Bluetooth 5.0 are.

  1. Range increase as much as 2-4 times its current range.
  2. The speed of data transfer will be twice as much as it is now.
  3. Advertising transmission capacity will be increased.
  4. Connection-less services like Beacons to increase location information that will help navigations systems.
  5. Mesh Networks

With the release of BT 5.0, SIG has taken in all of the feedback from early adopters of IoT solutions and why they felt that Bluetooth has limitations of being the prevailing standard. This release has responded to all of the issues and much more, as BT has anticipated the needs for the future of BT in the Internet of Things space. These changes will make it hard to not consider the use of this well planned and developed universal wireless communication standard.

Many will ask if Bluetooth Low Energy will still be a factor with all of the increased functionality. The answer is yes, SIG made it a point to make sure to keep the low energy feature top of the priority in their new release. This is important because the new features would normally consume a lot more energy, the fact that it’s still able to save on energy is a major benefit.

In the world of wireless technology, these are exciting times as we are seeing the development of new technologies and seeing older technologies stay committed to keeping their technologies relevant in today’s competitive market.

Vensi/BlueApp have been long time supporters of Bluetooth technology and believe it will not be the second or third choice when it comes to wireless communication, we support our beliefs in the products we create for our clients on a daily basis. If you want to know more about our Bluetooth efforts, contact us on our website

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