What is 5G and What You Can Do With It

5G and How it Will Impact You


You have probably heard the term 5G by now. Should you care though? It supposed to be significantly faster than the current 4G/LTE connections we have today. 100 times faster to be exact. It is even said to be faster than Google Fiber’s physical connection. Now before we get too excited about this, 5G will not be coming out this year. It probably won’t be coming out until 2018. However, it is great to hear about the innovations being made in the world of wireless technology.

5G will create so many opportunities in the world of IoT and technology in general. Just like its predecessors, your phones will become even smarter. “5G will take it to the next level,” said Cristiano Amon, president of Qualcomm’s chip business.

With 5G, some of the things we will be able to do include improved gaming, better online connections to people around the world, more connected devices, and faster overall speeds.

Overall Speed Improvement
Pages seem to load pretty fast these days and that is true for the most part even in areas of bad connection. With 5G, web pages will load instantly. This is also the case for downloads. If you want to download a large file, it will take seconds rather than minutes.

5G will be great not only for gaming across the world, but for virtual reality. If you paid any attention to CES this year, a lot of focus was placed on virtual reality. When it comes to virtual reality, Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook wants virtual reality to be a “killer application of 5G”. This is due to the speeds of 5G. Imagine what we can experience with it.

Connected Industries
Connected industries are becoming a huge hit when it comes to the world of IoT. 5G will help expand those devices. There are even talks of doctors using robots from thousands of miles away to perform procedures. Since the lag time will be so small with 5G, this is a very likely possibility of something we will see in the future.

Self Driving Cars
We have seen companies like Google experiment with this before, but with 5G, this is more of a reality. With our current wireless communication networks, it may take some time for the message to reach the device. This will not be the case with 5G. Here is another idea that has been thought of “You can imagine no traffic lights in the street — the cars are crossing, but they’re not bumping into each other,” said Volker Held, head of innovation marketing at network equipment maker Nokia. With the help of sensors and IoT, this is no longer a fantasy option.

Now this may all sound of little importance right now, but it will of use in the future. Especially when it comes to connected devices. But think about it. We get frustrated if our web pages do not load in a few seconds. With 5G, this should not be a problem anymore. Again, we will not be seeing this technology for a few years, but just the thought should of what is to come should make us happy.

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