We would like to thank you for your interest in becoming a reseller. Please take a moment and go through the information below to have an idea about becoming a reseller.

The Advantage from Your Point of View                  

The question is why should you resell to your customer base?

Affordable, Ease of Install, Simple to Understand

You may have gone through some problems with gateways like difficulty while installing, too complicated for the customer to understand, cost prohibitive, or maybe all the three. has tried to overcome all these issues and introduced a wireless gateway that connects all your sensors, which can be installed easily, and simple for a customer to understand.

Revenue Model

We have structured things so that, besides making money by selling our hardware to the customer, you can also generate ongoing revenue from the gateway monitoring and notification system.

Competitive Advantage

It is necessary to differentiate yourself with other competitors on every opportunity you have. This should be attained by not simply becoming the cheapest option; you should give your current and new customer bases a reason to stay or by offering them a useful solution that helps them prevent damage to assets they have worked hard to build or acquire.

Private/White Label Branding can be branded to use your logo and features including branding of our hardware and monitoring service. You can contact our sales representative for more details.

What’s Next?

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