Q Do you support white labeling?
A Yes we provide white labeling with specific features for your device and customers. Please contact us to discuss further.
Q Which platforms do you support to access data?
A The Connect platform supports iOS, Android and Web Platforms. You can use iOS and Android devices to connect to your Bluetooth devices and send information to the Web and monitor the information remotely.
Q Does this work with any sensor?
A Connect is designed to work with any Bluetooth Smart device. There are some Bluetooth devices that don't follow the standards or OEM's add custom changes which could break. Please drop us an email and we will review to see if we can support them.
Q Do you develop custom applications?
A Yes we can customize the application based on the devices and scenarios. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.
Q Where can I download the applications?
A The applications are available in Apple AppStore and Google Playstore.
Q Can you integrate our sensor?
A Please contact us, we can work with you to integrate your Bluetooth device into the platform.
Q Is it free to use the Website?
A Yes the website is free to use. There are plans to add paid options in future with additional features.
Q Can we host this on our server?
A Please contact us to discuss your requirements and we can provide the solution to hosted internally.